Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Recent Events

So much has been happening in our beautiful world! I have been caught up in the everyday intoxication that has become my life in InWorldz!

From the arrival of our wonderful scenic sims - Come visit Rima, off the coast of Animated Spirits! to the continuing creation of poses and animations, decorations, furnishings and what have you!

I am also very fortunate in my friends ~
Family, RL, we are born to, friends are family we chose. And my dear sis in virtual, Bec Jigsaw, has been an amazing help to me. Besides her daily sunshiny attitude in both RL and VR. Recently she accomplished what others had tried so hard to over the course of time- she taught me MLP!! So of course, I have been an MLP'ing fool, sticking menus in everything that will hold still for it.

Here are some pix and adverts of the most recent doings. In no particular order, first a New Release:

He reaches out to her and she leans into his arms. Looking up into each others' eyes, they are drawn closer for a soft kiss that ends with her resting into the comfort of his embrace. 

Come bring your sweetheart over and test drive this gently expression of love.

Builder's and Consumer Editions available today at The Animation Station!


Images of Rima

New papasan chair for your casual moments. Includes four Single sits and two Couple Cuddles.


And finally, a glimpse at a few modeling poses for couples, also recently released:

One thing is for sure, Inworldz has given us wings as Builders to be creative and let our imaginations soar!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pretty Pictures

Sy Beck apparently enjoys photography and he does a marvelous job!

He posted these two wonderful images he shot while exploring Animated Spirits and I thought I would share them with you.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Jewelry Release @ Talon Faire in InWorldz

I have a lovely new release in Jewelry- a delicate silver acorn, hanging from a wisp of a silver chain. You have never seen such a fine piece, if I do say so myself... and I do!

In ancient times, considered to be an emblem of luck, prosperity, youthfulness and power, the Acorn is a good luck symbol. It also represents spiritual growth.

 Custom sculpt and texture, fully Mod/Copy.  Get your self a piece of luck... or just a pretty necklace :)

TP to product:

Monday, March 26, 2012

Updates & New Releases!

Hello Fans of Talon Faire!

Have some newness going on~ As you know, the Animation Station @ Talon Faire is a great source for unique and exciting poses and animations- things you simply will not find anywhere else on the grid! It had also been home to my Gruesome Tidings collection first developed for Halloween and La Ville Macabre Charity Event held through the auspices of the Out Of World forum- or OOW for short  Out of World.

All in all, it was getting pretty crowded on that floating island so ... I waved my magic wand... plucked a new island from the very ether and voilĂ ! A new floating island called Gruesome Tidings is hovering over Talon Faire. In it you will find despicable torture devices, horrific ways to inflict pain and suffering! Oh how the serfs will tremble to know it could be them hanging in those gallows... Come see the dark side of Talon Faire.

On other topics~ I do have two new releases to share with you.  One is a wearable - I call it a Bubble Suit! The point of this very sexy little something or other is its bubbly consistency. Strategically placed bubbles cover or uncover all your sexy spots, as you wish- as always, all Talon Faire goodies are Copy/Mod where ever possible.


TP straight to product, put this in local chat: ... 166/188/23 
Bubble Suit

And lastly, this sweet and sensual couple's animation available in the Animation Station.

Will work for either partner to wash the either's hair. You lean softly into your lover's arms as he or she washes your hair.. Oh what bliss~

Available in either Consumer or Builder's editions.
Here are your traveling papers, put this in local chat: ... 144/241/12 
Animation Station

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Sands of Time

Don 't we all dream of just a little more time...?

Well I cannot grant you more time exactly, but maybe you can capture some of its magic with this sculpted hourglass necklace- Brand new from Talon  Faire!

Original textures and custom sculpts- a delicate hourglass with flowing sand, hangs from a slight silver chain. The silver frame work is accented in Celtic Knotwork, the silken, pink sand flows gently .. Come get yours today-

Find it here - Jewelry @ Talon Faire
See YOU there! @ Talon Faire!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Shibari Released in Inworldz!

This piece of traditional Japanese rope art - also known as Kinbaku, is an artistic expression of bondage in BDSM circles. The female figure is glorified with the tight bindings that serve to set off her glorious curves. The knots are placed in such a way that pressure points reminiscent of shiatsu are triggered with every move.

This particular pose is called The Bird. Faithfully reproduced for you here in InWorldz.

Available @ three TF locations, main - - ... 149/178/33

Land of the Three Moons - -

Tsuki Mura - - ... /87/211/23

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Swimming, Flying, Boating, Oh My!!

Animated Spirits, home of Talon Faire, is located in the Magellan Colony. Well, the dream of the Magellan Colony - open air and waters for all -has come to fruition! The Iz Straits are now open to sailors and travelers of all sorts!

To celebrate this brand new dawn in InWorldz, we now have a nice little dock for you to moor and take a respite from your travels. Animated Spirits invites you to come and stop a bit, explore the lands - and the sky!! We have a lovely mer underwater area, a hidden Arabic Pavilion (take the tandem TP to reach it), various dance and cuddle spaces, a shrine to the Goddess Kuan Yin, assorted rides to enjoy around the sim and we now are privileged host the Forum Cartel Hangout (InWorldz Edition) of SecondLife fame!

As always there are shops to meet your every need, but there is so much more to see you will not want to miss.

For example, we have added a little fishing shack right on the dock for a relaxing day of fishing.  Click and take a free, wearable rod and reel, sit on the provided pose ball and look out over the waves. If you want to take home the fishing experience, the rod and reel - animated - is available for purchase along with a handy creel to take home dinner.  Fishing shack available soon, when I am done filling it with goodies for your enjoyment.

Pix below!
 Sittin' on the dock of the bay....

 Glorious sunsets...

And for your leisure at home, the set for sale, always Copy/Mod!