Thursday, May 13, 2010

Much Newness To Share!

Talon Faire keeps growing! We have had several new releases this past month. Apologies for not updating you sooner, faithful Fans! RL has a way of sneaking in no matter how hard we slam the door.

Meantime though I do have news to share. Talon Faire has an additional home! If you have not heard of InWorldz yet ( you will! It is a growing new Virtual World with all the heady possibility of SecondLife.

If you have been a long time Resident, you will remember with fondness the wild frontier days of SL. InWorldz is currently in those 'olden days' and the prospects are endless! Talon Faire is there, helping new IW Residents 'de-noobify' and build the world of their- OUR- dreams. It's exciting being in nearly at the beginning- although, InWorldz did just celebrate its first Anniversary.

While Talon Faire has no plans to leave SecondLife that has been on our home for almost four years- we are looking foward to a bright future in InWorldz - Hope you will come along.

And now for our latest releases:

Soul's Caress is a mid length style with soft curls. It comes packed three gorgeous colors per box- Available now @ Talon Faire.

Next we have Morning Glory. This sophisticated and elegant style can be worn with two different adornments- hair sticks or tiny lilies - or plain! Comes packed two colors per box and three choices of 'look'.

And finally, our latest release, Scented Garden. Exotic and sensual, this long pony tail waves and flows with your every move. This one is packed four colors to each box. Sure to be a winner - come see it today @ Talon Faire~ We'll see YOU there!