Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More new poses!!

Wow!!! Have I been busy!!!

The Animation Station is looking pretty good so far. I have moved things around a bit to make shopping for your favorite poses a bit easier and streamlined~

Also, I have added several new poses so let me share those with you now:

First off, who doesn't enjoy the wistful breezes of a summer's day? Lazing by a lake, listening to the soft sounds of nature or maybe laying on your bed or a rug talking with a friend or just day dreaming?

Here is a versatile and relaxed animation, Lazy Day.

Next we have two meditative poses, first the static - Ohm
Find your inner peace~

And the gently flowing animation Greet The Sun

Try these out today at the Animation Station @ Talon Faire -

Working on a some sweet to share with your sweet one - those coming soon ~

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Talon Faire is Branching Out!

I have been fiddling with poses and animations a bit now and at the urgings and prodding of my dear friend Moon Satoshi I have decided to branch out official - so - without further ado, Talon Faire presents - The Animation Station!

First then we have two offerings~

Needful in every lady's boudoir, a Hair Brushing animation. She shakes her head a bit and runs one hand through it as the hair brush smooths her silken locks.

Next - Adored -
Feel the unspoken passion in this Couple Pose. His arm rest protectively across her shoulders and his hand caresses her back and hair. She rest reassured of her place in his world.

Both of these poses are available for Consumers (C/M no Trans) and for Builders (Full Perm).

And finally, a little fun splashy thing for you to play with - try on the side of a pool or lake. Available also for Consumers or Builders.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Alchemy County Fair

... For Japan Relief thru Virtual Helping Hands">Virtual Helping Hands

If you haven't heard about this terrific event going on to help the victims of the massive quakes and tsunamis in Japan, now is the time to get involved! Read that link above to the official Virtual Helping Hands site for all the pertinent info - then get your butt in gear and let's make this the most awesome success ever!

We need more folks involved in this - Right here from the States and also from the other side of the pond! And you Aussie peeps! We aren't forgetting you! Come help out - the world needs you!

It is for such a great cause and every one that helps makes a huge difference. I was hoping to ask all of you directly if you would like to get involved? You could set up a little vendor stand or participate in Role Play or just come enjoy the rides and make a donation or purchase some goody for your virtual life knowing all proceeds go directly to people that need YOUR help-

We need people that are perhaps happy to talk about it and tell their friends and make announcements and such- it could very well be that many in InWorldz haven't heard about this since not every one follows tweets or reads the forums. And folks in Europe may not even be aware of the Fair because as we all know Time Zones Suck!!

So please if you can help spread the word, it would be awesome- blog about it, tell people, come set a stand! Anything! Read that link so you see it is legit. Please share this with anyone you think may be interested in helping out. And by all means- come visit the fair- it really is awesome fun.

Alchemy is located here:

Please note, it says SecondLife, but this is an InWorldz event.

Alchemy County Fair


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gearz & Wingz - Talon Faire Gotz 'Em!

Newly released today in honor of our newest location!

Talon Faire now has a new location at the marvelous Isla Draconia! We shall be featuring a revolving collection of vaguely magical or even slightly fabled creations. Right now you can find our mermaid collection, a small assortment of eyelashes, some newer medieval pieces including a long bow with quiver and arrows and an exclusively released jewel adorned flexi tail that matches Chained Heat Horns!

Showcased there is this newest addition to Talon Faire - delicately hued and sepia toned, these graceful wings will adorn you and proclaim your allegiance to that future history that never was.

Accented in exclusive sculpted prims and tiny whirring gears, a completely original wing texture, these wings will be the focus in any venue!

Packed with and with out the additional sculpts for your preference.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

This Week's Releases

Today we have some new bits of awesomeness to share...

On a pointless quest for medieval sort of furnishings that did not belong in a castle but more in the common folk sort of home I became inspired to make my own ~

Here then are the results ~

With this I am also releasing a Long Bow with a set of arrows and its quiver. These are purely decorative- we don' have physix yet - but come packed in two forms, one set is wearable- perfect for RP venues, the other is a great accent piece to hang on your walls - just as home in your castle or manor or tent!

And finally, just a little overhead shot of Talon Faire because I felt like it :)