Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Homes & Residences Expo Opens Today!!

The First Annual Homes & Residences Expo is being put on by a group of hard working folks out to showcase some of the beauty and skill in InWorldz. The show opens today, August 31 @ the Inworldz Events A, B, C, and D regions. You can find them on your map easily.

Talon Faire is honored to have been invited early on and we have been slaving away to produce the best we can! Find us on Lot 27, by the way.

Presenting Kazumi - 和美 - Beautiful harmony, in Japanese. We feel this Japanese style home represents that balance so characteristic of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Note also, that while adhering to the simple lines so indicative of Japanese style, there are certain nods at Western styles as can be seen in some of the furnishings around the home. This house would be equally fitting at the foot of Mt. Fuji as it would be over looking the California coast.

Please come visit all the wonderful creations the Homes & Residence Expo has to offer and see Talon Faire's own humble submission. All items on display in the home that were created by Amaranthim Talon, are available for purchase, either at the home's Catalogue Room or at Talon Faire. We invite you to take an LM from the convenient giver at the door of the sales room.

Talon Faire wishes to express a special thanks Artfox Daviau for the lush foliage and John Mahogany for the fauna.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Intrepid explorer! Do you long to travel and explore our world.. but wish to be comfortable while doing so?

Dive 'neath the waters or soar over the highest peaks! Travel ready into the stratosphere! Traverse crossings with nary the blink of an eye!!

Talon Faire has the ideal solution - a well appointed bathysphere to carry you in absolute comfort to any destination. Ready at hand you will find the plans you laid down the night before as you contemplated your next invention. A brandy snifter, filled and waiting; a pipe and humidor should you require them, a dependable lamp, magnifying glass and long distance spy-glass!

All sit at the ready on your fine wood table next to your leather-bound journal. For your comfort, a richly padded and comfortable, winged back chair. Behind you, a bookcase filled with favorite tomes. Next to the bookcase are the controls that once set will direct your vehicle in any direction of your choosing with but finger tip control.

Your vehicle is constructed of the strongest yet most light weight transparent titanium alloy known to man. It is then polished to a high gloss and each sheet carefully riveted to withstand high pressures. The whole thing is then coated with brassinium oxide at very high temperatures ensuring a long lasting golden finish that rivals clear glass but is many times stronger than diamond.

This wearable vehicle is available now for your inspection. It is docked at Talon Faire, second floor, just off Thorne Designs - you can't miss it. Also displayed for your interest, the various components of the study in case your adventuring soul prefers the still land of your own abode.

This picture does not do it justice! Come see it today!

Talon Faire is located on the luscious Animated Spirits sim on InWorldz - don' have an account? open one today- It's FREE! A whole new wonderful world awaits you -

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Two New Ones to Share

First, a nice simple fire side sit - provide your own log as the one included is for demo only ;). This little anim is available in both Consumer and Builder versions.

Then we have something extra special to share.. Mer folk... - have you hungered for something telling? Something that shows the depth of your feeling?

Talon Faire presents ~

Courtship Rites

He holds her... in his arms she dances to an unheard tune - offering her love and herself and her promise ~ what heartfelt visions are made manifest in their dance...