Sunday, July 24, 2011

Steampunk Elegance

Something pretty for the ladies.. The ladies with a taste for Steam ~

This elegant gown has real working gears, a coy bow on the bustle and a prim accent at the chest level. There is a see-thru jacket and a corset layer as well.

Come add a touch of steam to your wardrobe today - find it @ Talon Faire!

Saturday, July 23, 2011


The little sad clown of French drama.

Today we have our first ever Complete Avatar to be released @ Talon Faire.

If you have been keeping track, by now you know Talon Faire does NOTHING half way -so, how's this?

You get TWO skins - one in the traditional monochrome, one with a splash of color. All original textures used in the top and pants and the THREE skirts that are included to suit your individuality. Hair is included and also a separate hair accessory. Ballerina flats also included... AND - a pose stand so you and a friend can play on the custom poses!

Of course, everything is fully Mod/Copy so knock yourself out and mix and match!

Here is your limo and a picture to whet your appetite.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


According to the Wikipedia,

"A chōzuya or temizuya (手水舎?) is a Shinto water ablution pavilion for a ceremonial purification rite known as temizu.

Water-filled basins are used by worshipers for washing their left hands, right hands, mouth and finally the handle of the water ladle to purify themselves before approaching the main Shinto shrine or shaden (Japanese: 社殿). This symbolic purification is normal before worship and all manned shrines have this facility, as well as many Buddhist temples and some new religious houses of worship. The temizuya is usually an open area where clear water fills one or various stone basins. Wooden dippers are usually available to worshipers."

If you have visited Talon Faire you have seen Kuan Yin's temple at the top of one of the mountains. At the foot stands the traditional temizuya to welcome guests and prepare them to be in Her presence. I have had a number of requests for the purchase of this traditional basin and have now put out a boxed set. It includes a custom gesture to assist you in your ablutions as well as a delicate bamboo wind chime to add atmosphere to your space.

As always, when ever possible, what you buy at Talon Faire is fully Mod/Copy.

Thank you.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Poses and Play Things!

First for the romantic in all of us - Souls

A kiss, a caress, a mingling of spirit. You feel your loved one across a room- there is no mistake - your Souls have touched - show it...

The couple sits face to face and gently caress each others' faces, lost in their loving embrace.

But we are not through yet with this romantic interlude. Sometimes just quietly laying together is the sweetest commune of all.

Lay With Me

To lighten the mood here we have Fairy Flitting - She floats on a current of magic and dreams.

And what Fae would not just love this delicate, fresh leaf to perch on?

All animations available in Builder and Consumer Editions. Fairy Leaf is Copy/Mod. Find them all at Talon Faire's The Animation Station.