Friday, June 18, 2010

I have been remiss..

Hello Fans of Talon Faire! Long time no waving! You know how it is when you are setting roots in new places. Lately I have been rather consumed with InWorldz to be honest. Talon Faire has opened two new shops there and slowly we are getting set up. If you haven't visited InWorldz, do so. It's a beautiful new place that is growing daily. There has been a huge influx of Residents and even some big name Designers from SL you may recognize. The url for IW is (

Today though I bring you a twisted little piece of exotica for your SecondLife or InWorldz experience as it is available in both.

Talon Faire takes a walk on the wild side with this new release - Chained Heat - Horns From Talon Faire!

What the well dressed deamoness is wearing this season...
Over one hundred prims in this sculpted set of horns with touch on and off flames. Get your wicked little tail on in here!