Monday, November 21, 2011

New Fantasy Skin Released

I have been delving into the future...

A future where the boundaries of man and machine blur.  Out of this future dawn rises a sensual combination of circuitry and man-made flesh.

Talon Faire presents... Gynoid.

Please note the detailed circuitry on her plasti-metal skin. Ready to interface with non-AI as well as AI machines, there are various input node options. When equipped with optional input jacks, this gynoid, female variant of android, is ready to take on any task assigned.

Here she is on a small excursion thru InWorldz' Babylon.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

End of the Skin & Hair Fair

And as quickly as it came.. it is gone!

But what a great show it was! So many talented designers and such cool goodies!  I hope you all had a chance to visit and swell your inventory some more!  Thank you to the coordinators of the show for allowing Talon Faire to show in our first annual InWorldz Skin & Hair Fair. Looking forward to next year's edition.

Here is Talon Faire's then exclusive offering - coming soon to Talon Faire main shop -

This futuristic new hair do is adorned with flashing diodes and circuitry and comes in six exciting colors. Perfect for any cyber RP or just to make a statement at that hot new club!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Been a Bit..

Don't want you to think I have been neglecting TF, but I have been kinda busy in RL and in IW and doing and building and animating and !!!! You get the picture...

Meantime though - Talon Faire has a booth in the First Annual InWorldz Skin & Hair Fair!!

This is such an exciting event even though in small numbers. It shows there is a need for such an expo and even more than a need - enough merchants in IW to have a fair showing! It shows InWorldz is GROWING!

I can only imagine what next year will be like and look forward to expand my offerings which grant you, in the skin department have been rather limited up to now as I have been concentrating lately in animations.

So, with out further ado... Here is our exclusive offering to the Skin & Hair Fair:

Lady Blue

Lady Blue is a delicately shaded fantasy skin with subtle but noticeable "human" touches. She is not a N'avi skin, but would be fitting as a fae or a mermaid or even an alien visitor! The right Shape makes the Skin and is limited only by your imagination.  Come see Lady Blue and our other offerings today, at the First Annual Skin & Hair Fair ~ See YOU there!

Talon Faire booth is located at: Talon Faire @ The Skin & Hair Fair - (