Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Much New Ink @ Talon Faire!

Released these three delicate Kanji Body Art Tattoos. Each comes on both shirt layers for added options. Serenity is available as a Group Gift- so be sure to wear your Group Tag. It is on the rear free-standing wall, where usual.

The fourth Kanji, Soul - I will release later tonight or tomorrow.

See you there @ Talon Faire!

Monday, November 24, 2008

My First Totally Prim Blouse!

I so loved the Starlight Star Bright Ensemble that I have been wearing mine a lot! (With out the veil!) But looking for a more casual flair- I did this top:

I included the Star Light Pants and the Starred Arm Bands in the box PLUS the TF Logo-T.

Hope you will stop by and pick up a set.

I also have an ongoing contest- in the group notices I sent out yesterday I included a Titler that proclaims your gown is from Talon Faire- ask me for LM. Group members that chose to wear theirs can claim a free outfit of their choice plus be entered to win a Specially Designed Gown! To enter, wear the Title, go to a crowded venue such as a club and send me Notecard with a picture of you showing the Titler in it :). winner gets a self-inspired gown! Hurry- the response has been huge!

Friday, November 21, 2008

News From Talon Faire

So Fans of Talon Faire... by now you are caught up in the latest releases, have picked up your free logo T and are busy covering SL in a sea awash in TF organza pink... No? Well get busy! Think Pink as the Pink Panther says! We are 314 members strong today Fans of TF so I am busy in my workshop crafting a neato Group Only Gift to reward the Faithful Fans :D

Kidding aside, thank you all for your kind support of my little dream. Let you know when it is ready.

On another heady side note, Talon Faire has been reviewed in the pages of Recommendit.com. Here is the link: http://recommenditdsl.wordpress.com/

I do wish Natalie had shown the pic with the overskirt - See Above - but some do prefer a more casual look. Thank you Natalie for stopping by and your kind words.

Want to point you guys also to StyleFlash and ask you to please vote for my latest release there, Starlight, Star Bright. TIA Fans :) http://www.styleflashsl.com/story.php?title=new-release--talon-faire-1

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Talon Faire Meets Shoe Fly!

Hey look! That's Talon Faire logo @ ShoeFly!!!!
How cool is that???

Here is my latest release, Starlight , Star Bright - In the photo shoot I wore awesome shoes called White Wedding Xcstacy by CCTV Giant of ShoeFly http://slurl.com/secondlife/Greystone/214/219/92. So the $200 Linden Gift Certificate to go with the Wedding Ensemble!
Here is what is in the box:

Contents: 16 pieces- Fully copy/Mod

Body Tat on Shirt, Undershirt, Pant and Underpant Layers
Two Solid Pants on UnderPant & Pant Layers
Two Prim Skirt Options
Four arm bands, plain and decorated,
One Circlet, Plain
Two Veil Options- Open & Closed
"Modesty" Drape

And here is the pic :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I was busy this weekend!

Here are three new releases and I have a fourth in production:

The cute little purple corset is ooh so daring!

Cielo is a bit of heaven within your reach- You are sure to be someone's Christmas Angel in that one!

And my own logo T-Shirt - Hey, girl's gotta advertise ;)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Retirement Sale!!!

Going on right now- retirement sale! I am retiring some pieces to make room for new stock- prims are limited after all- as an added incentive- I have reduced prices on some items to as little as $75 Lindens!

I am here now- 11/8/08 1:00 PM SL time- preccies for those that come right over :)

See you there @ Talon Faire!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Releases!

I have been slaving away before hot fires, pounding and shaping, delicate gold links... ok- well maybe not quite- but it has been INTENSE!

The Fire Opal Hand Jewel is ready for you sexy ladies.


Also- another color in the Silver Roses Shoes- Pewter. Both on display in the center aisle at Talon Faire.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

~Cheap Peeps~

New group for Designers and Consumers alike! Cheap Peeps will bring you info on where the bargains are. A group dedicated to bringing high-quality yet affordable merchandise to SL Residents. Designer Members are encouraged to post their offerings keeping in mind that all items should be in the 100 Linden range- plus or minus a bit. Consumers will benefit by having great goods at an accessible price.

Please join ~Cheap Peeps~ today! Designers, contact me, Amaranthim Talon, or Group Owner Chamois Chama for your Designer tag so you can send notices out. Right now there is no limit on notices but please remember, you overwhelm folks with notices and they will defect so keep it down to no more than two per week for now. Tell all your store group members and all your friends.

Consumers- please join ~Cheap Peeps~ for all the great bargains you will get and don't forget to tell your friends you saw it first on ~Cheap Peeps~!