Tuesday, September 29, 2009

And ... Three New Lashes

Told you I've been busy!

These three have stronger color and are more noticeable, allowing for the preference of the wearer. Also, be on the look out for the next release - even a bit stronger than these, because we all have different expectations and likes - I am sure you will find the ones that will please you! Also- something new - two sizes packed in each box so even less editing is necessary in these already easy-peasy lashes!

Black Mansions

So Much To Show You!

First off, an apology for having fallen behind on the updates! No excuses- just moving on..

In the midst of all the newness let me start off with - Lavender Nights -

Gorgeous new gown to dance the night away... Close fitting bodice, adorned with black silk pipping, the flowing prim skirt is hand drawn and trimmed with a matching black satin ribbon.
Be the belle of the ball in this newest gown from Talon Faire.
Fully Mod Copy so you can adjust to fit you perfectly! Get it today- Where?
Next, this delicate gold jewelry set is inscribed with tiny little flourishes done in black gold. Wispy tendrils, all hand done, adorn each tiny ring and bead. The highlight of this magnificent set is an impressive pendant made of carved lapis lazuli and adorned in gold. Includes an arm band, a bangle, ring, necklace and earrings- all in this completely unique design! Be different- be exciting! Be YOU!

Filligree Jewelry Set

Monday, September 14, 2009

A Few New Things...

Halloween is almost upon us so I brought out last year's gown, Kiss of the Spider Woman. It was wildly popular then and I hope it will again be a real show stopper for you!

Bewitching and Beguling... Oh what a tangled web indeed! Perfect for the sexy witch or a Halloween dance... In gorgeous pumpkin orange with trailing webs. Includes prim skirt.

Kiss of the Spider Woman
And what would look more perfect with that than this little cute set of lashes?

Ooh.. witchy woman... Halloween is almost upon us... haunt them all with your gaze..

Adorned with spooky cats and little spiders and their spiderwebs and even ghoul eyes! Perfect for a scary holiday!

And finally.. because sometimes, you just have to rend your soul and cry out in despair!!

Emo Rain - Black

Monday, September 7, 2009

Four New Ones to Thrill You!

Talon Faire is debuting the Next Big Thing in Lashes! And remember- you saw it here first!!
These fancy, colorful lashes have tiny little poofs of sparkles to really show your inner glow! Not overpowering-just a touch of whimsy to brighten your day. Bling with taste...
Jewelry for your eyes, miniature paintings. Wearable art!

Fully Mod Copy so you can adjust them to fit you perfectly! Get yours today-
Four in this collection:

Orange Juicy

Mellow Yellow

Plum Crazy

Something Blue

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Brand New Collection Debuts Today!

Got something to say? Let your eyes do your talking ... well- your EYELASHES!

This new collection from Talon Faire, Random Thoughts, will express the Silly you, the Romantic you, ALL of you!

First two releases available now with more coming as fast as the eyelash elves can make them!

I Love You!

Baby, I’m A Star!