Monday, November 21, 2011

New Fantasy Skin Released

I have been delving into the future...

A future where the boundaries of man and machine blur.  Out of this future dawn rises a sensual combination of circuitry and man-made flesh.

Talon Faire presents... Gynoid.

Please note the detailed circuitry on her plasti-metal skin. Ready to interface with non-AI as well as AI machines, there are various input node options. When equipped with optional input jacks, this gynoid, female variant of android, is ready to take on any task assigned.

Here she is on a small excursion thru InWorldz' Babylon.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

End of the Skin & Hair Fair

And as quickly as it came.. it is gone!

But what a great show it was! So many talented designers and such cool goodies!  I hope you all had a chance to visit and swell your inventory some more!  Thank you to the coordinators of the show for allowing Talon Faire to show in our first annual InWorldz Skin & Hair Fair. Looking forward to next year's edition.

Here is Talon Faire's then exclusive offering - coming soon to Talon Faire main shop -

This futuristic new hair do is adorned with flashing diodes and circuitry and comes in six exciting colors. Perfect for any cyber RP or just to make a statement at that hot new club!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Been a Bit..

Don't want you to think I have been neglecting TF, but I have been kinda busy in RL and in IW and doing and building and animating and !!!! You get the picture...

Meantime though - Talon Faire has a booth in the First Annual InWorldz Skin & Hair Fair!!

This is such an exciting event even though in small numbers. It shows there is a need for such an expo and even more than a need - enough merchants in IW to have a fair showing! It shows InWorldz is GROWING!

I can only imagine what next year will be like and look forward to expand my offerings which grant you, in the skin department have been rather limited up to now as I have been concentrating lately in animations.

So, with out further ado... Here is our exclusive offering to the Skin & Hair Fair:

Lady Blue

Lady Blue is a delicately shaded fantasy skin with subtle but noticeable "human" touches. She is not a N'avi skin, but would be fitting as a fae or a mermaid or even an alien visitor! The right Shape makes the Skin and is limited only by your imagination.  Come see Lady Blue and our other offerings today, at the First Annual Skin & Hair Fair ~ See YOU there!

Talon Faire booth is located at: Talon Faire @ The Skin & Hair Fair - (

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


So I don’t usually do thoughts and personal stuff in here. I try to keep it strictly my catalogue- reminds me I have things to post! Yet there are times I really need to get thoughts written and looked at and considered. Sometimes the writing is cathartic on its own. Most of that ends up as letters to me or unsent emails or what have you. But hey, this is my blog right? I  don’t have to worry too much about anyone’s rules about what is OK to post and what isn’t – I can be my own critic thank you very much. So if I find this all too maudlin later I can come back and with a simple digital swipe it will be as if it never was.

Things are changing- and anyone who knows me knows how well I do with change- not! My beautiful sim, Animated Spirits, that until now I have happily shared with a good friend is about to be mine only. I understand his reasons of course but it changes things for me. For one thing, financially of course,  frankly, I cannot afford the sim and my lands in SL. So… given that I am barely in SL at all, some of that will need to be let go. I have a lot of land in SL though not a full region. Still it is group land and tied between two premium accounts so- it is a bit of money there and thus one of the premiums is going down. 

So, last night it was with sadness that Steely and I packed up our old home. Gathering all our possessions we moved to Misto Presto where Talon Faire is.  Up in my build platform we set up our new location and unpacked the house – argh our ‘couch’ seems to have gone MIA- damn movers! But at least the fish made it and the bat and of course--- the peacock! Now I still need to calculate prim usage and then I will need to abandon the land in the old place because no one is buying! Hell, there is a bunch of abandoned land where our home was so selling is out of the question. 

This brings me back to IW. So Marcel will collect his things and shut down Erotic Motions. I cannot begin to express my sadness about this but it is what he needs to do.

Another friend said to me this morning she is considering giving up her IW sim- it’s eating up money with little to no return. In this day and age we all have to consider where we spend our money.

Aside from that, it is raining. I like rain. But everything is so grey.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Franky Is coming to Town!

Continuing our Halloween mood:

The Animation Station is your one-stop shop for your animation needs. We are featuring some scary thises and thatses this month - impalings, death in various forms - all for your ghoulish pleasure.

Today- a new release - Frankenstein's Monster - or as he is known among friends, Franky

Franky comes both Full Perm and Copy Mod
Perfect for Halloween parties or a Monstrous AO!
More ghoulies coming soon!

Visit animation Station and the beautiful sim of Animated Spirits- when you are tired of shopping, explore the beautiful vistas- bring a loved one and dance and explore all the hidden wonders.

Animation Station is located :

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fae Reflecting Pool

Sweet little pool for wandering fae. The pool features flitting butterflies, a singing bird, assorted plantings including original cattail sculpts, a tiny fairy statuette, soft vapor, glowing crystals, floating lilies and a custom animation! You really need to see this to appreciate the level of detail.

You can find this and several new fae animations at Talon @ Animated Spirits and at our new location in Tearman -



Animated Spirits can be found here:



Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Homes & Residences Expo Opens Today!!

The First Annual Homes & Residences Expo is being put on by a group of hard working folks out to showcase some of the beauty and skill in InWorldz. The show opens today, August 31 @ the Inworldz Events A, B, C, and D regions. You can find them on your map easily.

Talon Faire is honored to have been invited early on and we have been slaving away to produce the best we can! Find us on Lot 27, by the way.

Presenting Kazumi - 和美 - Beautiful harmony, in Japanese. We feel this Japanese style home represents that balance so characteristic of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Note also, that while adhering to the simple lines so indicative of Japanese style, there are certain nods at Western styles as can be seen in some of the furnishings around the home. This house would be equally fitting at the foot of Mt. Fuji as it would be over looking the California coast.

Please come visit all the wonderful creations the Homes & Residence Expo has to offer and see Talon Faire's own humble submission. All items on display in the home that were created by Amaranthim Talon, are available for purchase, either at the home's Catalogue Room or at Talon Faire. We invite you to take an LM from the convenient giver at the door of the sales room.

Talon Faire wishes to express a special thanks Artfox Daviau for the lush foliage and John Mahogany for the fauna.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Intrepid explorer! Do you long to travel and explore our world.. but wish to be comfortable while doing so?

Dive 'neath the waters or soar over the highest peaks! Travel ready into the stratosphere! Traverse crossings with nary the blink of an eye!!

Talon Faire has the ideal solution - a well appointed bathysphere to carry you in absolute comfort to any destination. Ready at hand you will find the plans you laid down the night before as you contemplated your next invention. A brandy snifter, filled and waiting; a pipe and humidor should you require them, a dependable lamp, magnifying glass and long distance spy-glass!

All sit at the ready on your fine wood table next to your leather-bound journal. For your comfort, a richly padded and comfortable, winged back chair. Behind you, a bookcase filled with favorite tomes. Next to the bookcase are the controls that once set will direct your vehicle in any direction of your choosing with but finger tip control.

Your vehicle is constructed of the strongest yet most light weight transparent titanium alloy known to man. It is then polished to a high gloss and each sheet carefully riveted to withstand high pressures. The whole thing is then coated with brassinium oxide at very high temperatures ensuring a long lasting golden finish that rivals clear glass but is many times stronger than diamond.

This wearable vehicle is available now for your inspection. It is docked at Talon Faire, second floor, just off Thorne Designs - you can't miss it. Also displayed for your interest, the various components of the study in case your adventuring soul prefers the still land of your own abode.

This picture does not do it justice! Come see it today!

Talon Faire is located on the luscious Animated Spirits sim on InWorldz - don' have an account? open one today- It's FREE! A whole new wonderful world awaits you -

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Two New Ones to Share

First, a nice simple fire side sit - provide your own log as the one included is for demo only ;). This little anim is available in both Consumer and Builder versions.

Then we have something extra special to share.. Mer folk... - have you hungered for something telling? Something that shows the depth of your feeling?

Talon Faire presents ~

Courtship Rites

He holds her... in his arms she dances to an unheard tune - offering her love and herself and her promise ~ what heartfelt visions are made manifest in their dance...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Steampunk Elegance

Something pretty for the ladies.. The ladies with a taste for Steam ~

This elegant gown has real working gears, a coy bow on the bustle and a prim accent at the chest level. There is a see-thru jacket and a corset layer as well.

Come add a touch of steam to your wardrobe today - find it @ Talon Faire!

Saturday, July 23, 2011


The little sad clown of French drama.

Today we have our first ever Complete Avatar to be released @ Talon Faire.

If you have been keeping track, by now you know Talon Faire does NOTHING half way -so, how's this?

You get TWO skins - one in the traditional monochrome, one with a splash of color. All original textures used in the top and pants and the THREE skirts that are included to suit your individuality. Hair is included and also a separate hair accessory. Ballerina flats also included... AND - a pose stand so you and a friend can play on the custom poses!

Of course, everything is fully Mod/Copy so knock yourself out and mix and match!

Here is your limo and a picture to whet your appetite.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


According to the Wikipedia,

"A chōzuya or temizuya (手水舎?) is a Shinto water ablution pavilion for a ceremonial purification rite known as temizu.

Water-filled basins are used by worshipers for washing their left hands, right hands, mouth and finally the handle of the water ladle to purify themselves before approaching the main Shinto shrine or shaden (Japanese: 社殿). This symbolic purification is normal before worship and all manned shrines have this facility, as well as many Buddhist temples and some new religious houses of worship. The temizuya is usually an open area where clear water fills one or various stone basins. Wooden dippers are usually available to worshipers."

If you have visited Talon Faire you have seen Kuan Yin's temple at the top of one of the mountains. At the foot stands the traditional temizuya to welcome guests and prepare them to be in Her presence. I have had a number of requests for the purchase of this traditional basin and have now put out a boxed set. It includes a custom gesture to assist you in your ablutions as well as a delicate bamboo wind chime to add atmosphere to your space.

As always, when ever possible, what you buy at Talon Faire is fully Mod/Copy.

Thank you.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Poses and Play Things!

First for the romantic in all of us - Souls

A kiss, a caress, a mingling of spirit. You feel your loved one across a room- there is no mistake - your Souls have touched - show it...

The couple sits face to face and gently caress each others' faces, lost in their loving embrace.

But we are not through yet with this romantic interlude. Sometimes just quietly laying together is the sweetest commune of all.

Lay With Me

To lighten the mood here we have Fairy Flitting - She floats on a current of magic and dreams.

And what Fae would not just love this delicate, fresh leaf to perch on?

All animations available in Builder and Consumer Editions. Fairy Leaf is Copy/Mod. Find them all at Talon Faire's The Animation Station.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More new poses!!

Wow!!! Have I been busy!!!

The Animation Station is looking pretty good so far. I have moved things around a bit to make shopping for your favorite poses a bit easier and streamlined~

Also, I have added several new poses so let me share those with you now:

First off, who doesn't enjoy the wistful breezes of a summer's day? Lazing by a lake, listening to the soft sounds of nature or maybe laying on your bed or a rug talking with a friend or just day dreaming?

Here is a versatile and relaxed animation, Lazy Day.

Next we have two meditative poses, first the static - Ohm
Find your inner peace~

And the gently flowing animation Greet The Sun

Try these out today at the Animation Station @ Talon Faire -

Working on a some sweet to share with your sweet one - those coming soon ~

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Talon Faire is Branching Out!

I have been fiddling with poses and animations a bit now and at the urgings and prodding of my dear friend Moon Satoshi I have decided to branch out official - so - without further ado, Talon Faire presents - The Animation Station!

First then we have two offerings~

Needful in every lady's boudoir, a Hair Brushing animation. She shakes her head a bit and runs one hand through it as the hair brush smooths her silken locks.

Next - Adored -
Feel the unspoken passion in this Couple Pose. His arm rest protectively across her shoulders and his hand caresses her back and hair. She rest reassured of her place in his world.

Both of these poses are available for Consumers (C/M no Trans) and for Builders (Full Perm).

And finally, a little fun splashy thing for you to play with - try on the side of a pool or lake. Available also for Consumers or Builders.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Alchemy County Fair

... For Japan Relief thru Virtual Helping Hands">Virtual Helping Hands

If you haven't heard about this terrific event going on to help the victims of the massive quakes and tsunamis in Japan, now is the time to get involved! Read that link above to the official Virtual Helping Hands site for all the pertinent info - then get your butt in gear and let's make this the most awesome success ever!

We need more folks involved in this - Right here from the States and also from the other side of the pond! And you Aussie peeps! We aren't forgetting you! Come help out - the world needs you!

It is for such a great cause and every one that helps makes a huge difference. I was hoping to ask all of you directly if you would like to get involved? You could set up a little vendor stand or participate in Role Play or just come enjoy the rides and make a donation or purchase some goody for your virtual life knowing all proceeds go directly to people that need YOUR help-

We need people that are perhaps happy to talk about it and tell their friends and make announcements and such- it could very well be that many in InWorldz haven't heard about this since not every one follows tweets or reads the forums. And folks in Europe may not even be aware of the Fair because as we all know Time Zones Suck!!

So please if you can help spread the word, it would be awesome- blog about it, tell people, come set a stand! Anything! Read that link so you see it is legit. Please share this with anyone you think may be interested in helping out. And by all means- come visit the fair- it really is awesome fun.

Alchemy is located here:

Please note, it says SecondLife, but this is an InWorldz event.

Alchemy County Fair


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gearz & Wingz - Talon Faire Gotz 'Em!

Newly released today in honor of our newest location!

Talon Faire now has a new location at the marvelous Isla Draconia! We shall be featuring a revolving collection of vaguely magical or even slightly fabled creations. Right now you can find our mermaid collection, a small assortment of eyelashes, some newer medieval pieces including a long bow with quiver and arrows and an exclusively released jewel adorned flexi tail that matches Chained Heat Horns!

Showcased there is this newest addition to Talon Faire - delicately hued and sepia toned, these graceful wings will adorn you and proclaim your allegiance to that future history that never was.

Accented in exclusive sculpted prims and tiny whirring gears, a completely original wing texture, these wings will be the focus in any venue!

Packed with and with out the additional sculpts for your preference.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

This Week's Releases

Today we have some new bits of awesomeness to share...

On a pointless quest for medieval sort of furnishings that did not belong in a castle but more in the common folk sort of home I became inspired to make my own ~

Here then are the results ~

With this I am also releasing a Long Bow with a set of arrows and its quiver. These are purely decorative- we don' have physix yet - but come packed in two forms, one set is wearable- perfect for RP venues, the other is a great accent piece to hang on your walls - just as home in your castle or manor or tent!

And finally, just a little overhead shot of Talon Faire because I felt like it :)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Two for the Week

Today Fans we have two new goodies for you - One is a romantic garden accent that includes two sets of couple poses, assorted animals - even a flying bird!! Great spot for loving photos. Available now in Talon Faire - find it here: ... 112/231/31

The other little thing is a cute garden sculpture maybe? It is what ever you want it to be and is totally free - just come pick it up in Talon Faire - out in the park area of Animated spirits.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Released today @ Talon Faire -

Beautiful new addition to our garden decor -As always, fully mod copy-

A small and inviting Japanese Tea House. Sliding screen doors admit you into this lovely haven and refuge from the outside world. Exquisitely detailed and textured, wide decking for your entertaining pleasure. This cozy addition to your garden spaces will give you a quiet place to reflect. Included and to inspire your decorating, a tatami rug is included as a gift.

Come find your inner Zen today, at Talon Faire. Proud to be a participant in the Prim & Sim Garden Tour.

Or better yet visit while running thru the Prim & Sim Tour!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011

More Changes and Addtions

So.. the build continues in Avination. I went tree crazy and bought some more trees and flowers. I may be pushing my budget here..

More trees and a peacock.. the peacock was financial overkill - /makes note to self- either make your own damn peacocks or live with out!

Aerial view but I hate the "wave". It is a freebie import- may have to forgo the wave as that is just not up to snuff.

I added a railing to the teahouse in the back so I would have a place for a Bits & Bobs kiss I like. I relocated the bar and expanded it to fit a couple of dances. I am in the process of building an off sim waterfall too.

The bar's new locale - still need a bar keep pose - will make today I hope and some additional sitting.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Teahouse!

Animated in Avination needed a Teahouse!

The first tea house I built in SL took me 48 hours straight! It was my first experience with sleep deprivation :)

So - I have learned a thing or two about building since /me blushes - here is my progress on the one in Avination. It will be marketed in IW along with other things from this build.

Friday, April 29, 2011

My Current Project

Building in InWorldz is such a pleasure! I enjoy the yummy primminess and can go to town with details and extremes....

Now to re-educate myself and rein myself in...

My dearest friend and sim partner in IW, Marcel Flatley, is opening a branch of Erotic Motions in Avination. Knowing my passion building he is having me build his sim there.

Since Animated Spirits in IW is OURS and apparently he likes to indulge me, I got to do all of the building however I wanted to - and I suppose the style really is my own. Animated in IW looks very story-book and pastel and earthy. Sort of Maxfield Parish meets Thomas Kinkade!

So Marcel tends to a more sleek, modern look as his store building reflects and I am trying to stretch myself and build more as I believe is his style. I am sure he will happily disabuse me of any misconception I may have!

Here then are some images of Animated Spirits/Avination so far.

Just getting started (only things added besides Marcel's shop a few willows from the kind folks at TGIB and one of my ubiquitous waterfalls):


Here I built a little sitting park space. The free standing fountain and benches are mine as is the tree somewhat hard to distinguish in the back ground and the glass tree in the foreground- sort of Art in Public Places type thing. Off to one side is the same bridge from above but now retextured to fit the more modern look:


Here is another view of glass tree- it has an updated texture now and though cannot "see" it here, it plays a lovely tinkling glass sound when you are up close!


Today I started to build him a little bar - inspired by Kohkoh Baroque's awesome tiki bar!


And finally, here is the Before bridge - I will shoot an After later this evening.


And yes- I finally lost the noob clothes! How can I be expected to build with out a ballgown!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Free Standing Fountain

Elegant, modern and so soothing. The light tinkling sound of this fountain transports you to a quiet place. The cool lines and soft lights sooth you after a long day.

Completely Mod and as always Copy so it will fit into your space as easily as into your life.

Acquire it today @ Talon Faire! See YOU There!

Monday, April 11, 2011

New at Talon Faire~

A little oasis of calm to take refuge in when the world storms at you ~

Cooling waters smoothly flowing... the hush hush of the leaves as they rustle in the breeze.. the gentle sound of lapping waters..

A waterfall. What else could give you such a feeling of comfort and peace? Come find yours in this small waterfall sure to fit anywhere.

With three cuddles (two custom), a little bird included and some plant life. Take this lovely piece of nature home and relax - home sweet home...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Exotic Offering~

Psst... Scheherazade... Where will you share your tales?

Spend your 1,001 nights in this exotic treat for the senses. The rich burgundy silk tent drapes gently over its armature. A warm fire set in a copper bowl. Mysterious lights cast from the hanging lamp and thick plush rugs to cushion your curves and his strength.

Spend a night of romance or just take shelter from the heat..

This inviting Arabian dream awaits you ~ Visit Talon Faire - Moroccan Courtyard - take the teleport from that awesome teleport system by David West - the Astrogate Tandem TP!

Enjoy and explore an exciting sim with many shopping and romance possibilities~


Friday, March 4, 2011

New Jewelry Released @ Talon Faire!

New Today @ Talon Faire!

Mystical Waters Necklace.

A mysterious teardrop bead glows with an inner fire. Flowing water captures your gaze and as you look deeper, the secret core reveals its self. What magic will you find within its eldritch light?

Available today @ Talon Faire~ See you there!