Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New @ Talon Faire...

Trying a new adventure - TATTOOS!!

I have shopped for tats and they are invariably HUGE - so I made a very small and delicate little kanji that declares- Forever -

Think of it is a tender affirmation of your love. It will peek daringly above your decolletage - a sweet adornment on your radiant skin.

For those who like Tribal themes - I offer, Tribal Lines.. soft, curves for your soft curves.

Both of these tats come on various layers for your convenience - with Tribal being on FOUR layers! Hope you will like them as much as I.

1 comment:

Czari said...

You're right...so many tattoos are just too large for my taste. Your's are so delicate. I love the kanji and will be in to pick one up.

Also love the Mehndi. I'd love one just for my hand so will keep an eye out if you do one of those!

Lovely work, Amar :)