Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Up Coming...

Argh - there are not enough hours in the day!!

Wait 'til you see the newest fae design coming out! The Ice Queen- a little taste of winter in SL- features the themed body tat made famous by the Elemental series. This one has shaded snowflakes in different designs up and down the body and on gloves. All will be on the available layers- so, you will have two pant choices, and two shirts plus the gloves. Also, the softest, most delicate wings! These are highlighted by sparkling jewels and teeny embedded snowflakes in the sheer gossamer of the wing itself. A translucent, tiny skirt for a tad of modesty, an optional drape and a sheer, see thru snowflake bra! Oh and wait! The "crowning-glory" an icicle crown!

Accessories aside from the crown will include a staff and some jewelry I have not designed as yet.. hence the time this is taking-

Just wanted you to know I have not fallen asleep here- lots more goodies coming your way! And of course, I need to take a little time to design some nice Christmas prezzies for all the Fans of Talon Faire!

Let's see... what else? Oh yeah! Please visit where I just bought a little advert - I am just excited about it is all - you already know how to find me! Great source for Freebies in SecondLife(tm).

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