Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Summer Pearls - New Gown Released Today!

I don't know how I forgot how much I enjoy making dresses! I hope you will like this one because it was such fun to make! The skirt texture is completely hand drawn and features delicate lace edging that swishes softly as you dance and walk. Glitch pants included of course, in same shade as the skirt to prevent 'accidents'!

Close fitting bodice, beaded and bedazzled and accented with soft, white pheasant feathers! You will light up the night- with subtlety, of course! The skirt floats like wisps of clouds caught in the rising sun.

Catch it in-world on on Xstreet, by following this convenient link:
Summer Pearls


Maureen Boccaccio said...

Gorgeous, Amara! I love the detailing. :)

Amaranthim said...

Thanks! :D