Friday, April 29, 2011

My Current Project

Building in InWorldz is such a pleasure! I enjoy the yummy primminess and can go to town with details and extremes....

Now to re-educate myself and rein myself in...

My dearest friend and sim partner in IW, Marcel Flatley, is opening a branch of Erotic Motions in Avination. Knowing my passion building he is having me build his sim there.

Since Animated Spirits in IW is OURS and apparently he likes to indulge me, I got to do all of the building however I wanted to - and I suppose the style really is my own. Animated in IW looks very story-book and pastel and earthy. Sort of Maxfield Parish meets Thomas Kinkade!

So Marcel tends to a more sleek, modern look as his store building reflects and I am trying to stretch myself and build more as I believe is his style. I am sure he will happily disabuse me of any misconception I may have!

Here then are some images of Animated Spirits/Avination so far.

Just getting started (only things added besides Marcel's shop a few willows from the kind folks at TGIB and one of my ubiquitous waterfalls):


Here I built a little sitting park space. The free standing fountain and benches are mine as is the tree somewhat hard to distinguish in the back ground and the glass tree in the foreground- sort of Art in Public Places type thing. Off to one side is the same bridge from above but now retextured to fit the more modern look:


Here is another view of glass tree- it has an updated texture now and though cannot "see" it here, it plays a lovely tinkling glass sound when you are up close!


Today I started to build him a little bar - inspired by Kohkoh Baroque's awesome tiki bar!


And finally, here is the Before bridge - I will shoot an After later this evening.


And yes- I finally lost the noob clothes! How can I be expected to build with out a ballgown!!!


Anonymous said...

Looking good, can't wait to see how it turns out. It is quite the challenge to go from more prims to normal primage sims, makes it interesting.

Amaranthim said...

Thanks! And yeah re the prims :( - I keep trying to behave - curb my enthusiasm - it ain't easy!!