Monday, May 9, 2011

More Changes and Addtions

So.. the build continues in Avination. I went tree crazy and bought some more trees and flowers. I may be pushing my budget here..

More trees and a peacock.. the peacock was financial overkill - /makes note to self- either make your own damn peacocks or live with out!

Aerial view but I hate the "wave". It is a freebie import- may have to forgo the wave as that is just not up to snuff.

I added a railing to the teahouse in the back so I would have a place for a Bits & Bobs kiss I like. I relocated the bar and expanded it to fit a couple of dances. I am in the process of building an off sim waterfall too.

The bar's new locale - still need a bar keep pose - will make today I hope and some additional sitting.


Bradd Laval said...

Nice sideline you found Amar the sim builder XD

Amaranthim said...

Thank Bradd! It's oodles of fun! Maybe I can hang out a shingle- but I better work on some ready mades 'cause if it does become a business type thing- not everyone wants to wait a month or more for my inspirations and manifestations!