Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Poses and Play Things!

First for the romantic in all of us - Souls

A kiss, a caress, a mingling of spirit. You feel your loved one across a room- there is no mistake - your Souls have touched - show it...

The couple sits face to face and gently caress each others' faces, lost in their loving embrace.

But we are not through yet with this romantic interlude. Sometimes just quietly laying together is the sweetest commune of all.

Lay With Me

To lighten the mood here we have Fairy Flitting - She floats on a current of magic and dreams.

And what Fae would not just love this delicate, fresh leaf to perch on?

All animations available in Builder and Consumer Editions. Fairy Leaf is Copy/Mod. Find them all at Talon Faire's The Animation Station.

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