Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday's Releases

Clockwork Eyelashes

Clockwork gears and cogs! What Steampunk Lady would not want to make her eyes sparkle with these awesome gothy, neo-Victorian lashes? In a great shade of coppery metal, this set will go wonderfully with almost all your period wear.


Delicate tendrils of trailing blue vines with tiny white flowers and sparkling jewels. All highlighted in the softest shade of periwinkle blue - a new addition to the Pastel Line of EYELASHES! from the EyeLash Bar @ Talon Faire.

Green Mansions

Luscious verdant jungles... mysterious realms unexplored, echoed in the gentle vines that encircle your infinite eyes... They will get lost in their depths, framed in these lovely lashes.

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