Saturday, June 20, 2009

Two more Overnight -


Out of the mists she comes... mystical spirit of the waters.. Capture that magic - in YOUR eyes.

Perfect for fae or just a magical night out, silver tendrils of mist, little bubbles of water, pearly jewels, all adorne this new offering from Talon Faire's The Eyelash Bar! Part of the Fantasy Collection- Come catch the Dream!

Water Sprite


Exotic and so sexy .... rare and mysterious plummage from mythical avian creatures....

Well maybe not quite ~ but you will be quite the chickadee in these delicate lashes. A bit Goth, a bit vampy - all YOU!

Rare Bird


eloralunasea said...

You're blowing me away Amara! Great job, can't wait to come inworld and pick up the 2 newest ones :)

Amaranthim said...

Thanks E! And ooh- even more to add now!