Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So Much To Show You!

First off, an apology for having fallen behind on the updates! No excuses- just moving on..

In the midst of all the newness let me start off with - Lavender Nights -

Gorgeous new gown to dance the night away... Close fitting bodice, adorned with black silk pipping, the flowing prim skirt is hand drawn and trimmed with a matching black satin ribbon.
Be the belle of the ball in this newest gown from Talon Faire.
Fully Mod Copy so you can adjust to fit you perfectly! Get it today- Where?
Next, this delicate gold jewelry set is inscribed with tiny little flourishes done in black gold. Wispy tendrils, all hand done, adorn each tiny ring and bead. The highlight of this magnificent set is an impressive pendant made of carved lapis lazuli and adorned in gold. Includes an arm band, a bangle, ring, necklace and earrings- all in this completely unique design! Be different- be exciting! Be YOU!

Filligree Jewelry Set

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