Monday, September 14, 2009

A Few New Things...

Halloween is almost upon us so I brought out last year's gown, Kiss of the Spider Woman. It was wildly popular then and I hope it will again be a real show stopper for you!

Bewitching and Beguling... Oh what a tangled web indeed! Perfect for the sexy witch or a Halloween dance... In gorgeous pumpkin orange with trailing webs. Includes prim skirt.

Kiss of the Spider Woman
And what would look more perfect with that than this little cute set of lashes?

Ooh.. witchy woman... Halloween is almost upon us... haunt them all with your gaze..

Adorned with spooky cats and little spiders and their spiderwebs and even ghoul eyes! Perfect for a scary holiday!

And finally.. because sometimes, you just have to rend your soul and cry out in despair!!

Emo Rain - Black

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