Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I am sooo excited!

Talon Faire is changing and oh yes! For the better! We have a gorgeous new store so shopping is easier, more relaxed and there is so much room for all the new goodies I have cooked up for you. We are still covered in pixel-dust so do bear with - when it's all done, you are going to love it!

Come by and take a look at the changes so far- and ...

... here is a little something to whet your appetites....

First look at Talon Faire's new line of scripted prim nails! (So new only available in-store right now!)
These little beauties will come in a 'collection' - so no more, "Oh have to change my nails to match my outfit!"

Just wear your HUD, pick out your color, detach your HUD and you are good to go! Eight colors per collection and six nail sizes so it will be easy to fit. Sizes 0 to 25 for your convenience. Also included, skin match glove in case your original non-prim nails show through and easy instructions on how to match your skin tone.
First, for a casual flair, Little White Flowers

And - since it is the season for a Hauntingly good time... a little something for your dark side.

See YOU there~ @ Talon Faire!

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