Thursday, October 15, 2009

New @ Talon Faire and on XStreet!

Today’s Lashes are all about the Glam!

Those Hollywood Starlets of years gone by with their deep, sensuous eyes and luscious, thick lashes... With a Talon Faire twist… These come in exciting colors as well as Classic Black –

Ladies – the Marilyn Collection:

Marilyn Obsidian – Midnight Black
for a deep, come hither glance

Marilyn Crimson – Deepest Red,
like blood and passion

Marilyn Sky – The Blue of a Summer Sky,
tinged with storms

Marilyn Snow – Pure as the Driven…?
Only you can answer that…

Halloween Boo!

And for the sexy ghoul in you~
Creepy, Sneaky and ooh so Sexy!
You cute little witchie you!

With bats and Witches and haunted Trees,
even a Jack-o'Lantern!!
Perfect for completing your look this All Hallow's Eve...

See them all today @ Talon Faire!

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