Friday, November 26, 2010

Long Time No See!!

OMG! Fans of TF!! Where have I been???

I don't want you to think I have given up creating- Oh no far from it! It is because of creativity that I have been so lost recently. I have new wings to fly and have been doing so many wonderful things (even if I do say so myself *wink*!).

Among all the newness to share there is Fashion, Architecture and even Animation!

A bit of Moorish allure:


A sensuous sari:


Some artful poses celebrating love:



And a happy Bubble Ride!


All of these things are available right now - in Inworldz!

As time permits, I will bring something to SL but seeing LL's latest blunder- the Teens on SL Main Grid, my home is firmly in IW. Hope you, my fair readers, will consider at least visiting the grid at some point. Best alternative to SL I have seen in my travels.

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Siwan said...

I agree with you about the LL blunders--combining the teen grid with the adult one; the high prices; and now, the real dealbreaker for me, Viewer 2, which, according to the Phoenix blog, we will all be forced to use in the coming year despite what LL told us in their e-mail. Thanks for turning me on to InWorldz. I love it so far, but it needs more content. Fortunately, we have creative people like you providing it! :)