Thursday, December 30, 2010

Geisha Hair @ Talon Faire!

The beauty of Edo Japan in InWorldz ( has inspired a few creations that I will be available both in SL and IW.

Two styles of Geisha Hair with adornments and that beautiful mystery of the Far East.




In the Edo sim in InWorldz you will find a lovely and restful space with various merchants and gardens to explore. You will also find a satellite store for Talon Faire. The main shop for Talon Faire is located in Animated Spirits sim, a part of the growing Magellan Colony. Come explore a beautiful world!

In SecondLife, Talon Faire is located in Misto Presto - same spot for four years now- The Geisha Hair and geta and tabi can be found there. Please visit Talon Faire in your either world for your shopping pleasure.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful package! You ROCK! So lovely....

Anonymous said...

Hey Amara! While I admit that normally the fashion scene isn't something I pay attention to I felt I needed to add a link from my Blog to yours. Didn't even know you had a blog. Take care!