Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Exotic Offering~

Psst... Scheherazade... Where will you share your tales?

Spend your 1,001 nights in this exotic treat for the senses. The rich burgundy silk tent drapes gently over its armature. A warm fire set in a copper bowl. Mysterious lights cast from the hanging lamp and thick plush rugs to cushion your curves and his strength.

Spend a night of romance or just take shelter from the heat..

This inviting Arabian dream awaits you ~ Visit Talon Faire - Moroccan Courtyard - take the teleport from that awesome teleport system by David West - the Astrogate Tandem TP!

Enjoy and explore an exciting sim with many shopping and romance possibilities~



Bradd Laval said...

Looks totally sexy!!! Lovely place for a Shahzada and Shaherzadi to mingle and frolic.

Amaranthim said...

:) Thank you - and you made me look that up! Yay thanks for new word too.

Bradd Laval said...

Which word - mingle or frolic???

Amaranthim said...

Smart aleck! :pfft:

Bradd Laval said...

re: Shahzada and Shaherzadi :

Before there was a tale of Romeo and Juliet there was Layla and Majnun - which was actually a true story based on real people adopted into folklore and poems.

Amaranthim said...

Of course I went a googling :)

I found there was a movies- sadly I cannot speak Arabic and I cannot read Russian - and to top it off the website is in Portuguese- that at least I can screw up enough to semi understand:

Bradd Laval said...

Wikipedia it :) so you have something in English to refer to XD

Layla and Majnun Wiki etc..