Friday, March 4, 2011

The Music of Japan

Two highly detailed musical instruments to share with you today:

The Shamisen and the Koto. Both available now in InWorldz, Tsuki Mura


The elegant shamisen or samisen. Made of finest wood and leather with brass accents, this instrument will be a matter of pride in your home. Included is a hardwood stand, lacquered and accented in gold leaf.

You will receive a wearable shamisen with its bachi made of bone. The bachi is the plectrum or pick used to play the instrument. You will receive also a non-wearable shamisen for display and audio purposes. All textures used are licensed open source, purchased in IW or shot by the creator. The music is licensed under Creative Commons License with a notecard included to the web address and content creator.

What does a shamisen sound like? Follow this link to play a bit on line:

And the Koto


This highly detailed creation features 112 prims for the koto it self, the included music stand is 19 and also included are two zabutons in two different textures for your best decor choice.

The koto is made out of fine burl wood with delicate ivory inlay work, cranes amidst flowers representing Loyalty and Honor.
Please visit Talon Faire today to see it for your self.

Available at Tsuki Mura, Edo Nipon on Angel Beach. ... /86/213/23

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