Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More new poses!!

Wow!!! Have I been busy!!!

The Animation Station is looking pretty good so far. I have moved things around a bit to make shopping for your favorite poses a bit easier and streamlined~

Also, I have added several new poses so let me share those with you now:

First off, who doesn't enjoy the wistful breezes of a summer's day? Lazing by a lake, listening to the soft sounds of nature or maybe laying on your bed or a rug talking with a friend or just day dreaming?

Here is a versatile and relaxed animation, Lazy Day.

Next we have two meditative poses, first the static - Ohm
Find your inner peace~

And the gently flowing animation Greet The Sun

Try these out today at the Animation Station @ Talon Faire -

Working on a some sweet to share with your sweet one - those coming soon ~

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