Wednesday, October 19, 2011


So I don’t usually do thoughts and personal stuff in here. I try to keep it strictly my catalogue- reminds me I have things to post! Yet there are times I really need to get thoughts written and looked at and considered. Sometimes the writing is cathartic on its own. Most of that ends up as letters to me or unsent emails or what have you. But hey, this is my blog right? I  don’t have to worry too much about anyone’s rules about what is OK to post and what isn’t – I can be my own critic thank you very much. So if I find this all too maudlin later I can come back and with a simple digital swipe it will be as if it never was.

Things are changing- and anyone who knows me knows how well I do with change- not! My beautiful sim, Animated Spirits, that until now I have happily shared with a good friend is about to be mine only. I understand his reasons of course but it changes things for me. For one thing, financially of course,  frankly, I cannot afford the sim and my lands in SL. So… given that I am barely in SL at all, some of that will need to be let go. I have a lot of land in SL though not a full region. Still it is group land and tied between two premium accounts so- it is a bit of money there and thus one of the premiums is going down. 

So, last night it was with sadness that Steely and I packed up our old home. Gathering all our possessions we moved to Misto Presto where Talon Faire is.  Up in my build platform we set up our new location and unpacked the house – argh our ‘couch’ seems to have gone MIA- damn movers! But at least the fish made it and the bat and of course--- the peacock! Now I still need to calculate prim usage and then I will need to abandon the land in the old place because no one is buying! Hell, there is a bunch of abandoned land where our home was so selling is out of the question. 

This brings me back to IW. So Marcel will collect his things and shut down Erotic Motions. I cannot begin to express my sadness about this but it is what he needs to do.

Another friend said to me this morning she is considering giving up her IW sim- it’s eating up money with little to no return. In this day and age we all have to consider where we spend our money.

Aside from that, it is raining. I like rain. But everything is so grey.


John Mahogany said...
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John Mahogany said...

I am very sad at reading your words. I have always maintained that IW, SL,Avination, all of them is not a game; instead we "play" in a micro economy and what goes on in a RL economy is reflected in these virtual worlds. I hope that everything works out well for you. It would be a sad and gray micro economy without you. Your friend--john.

Amaranthim said...

/me sighs...
I am sure there will be a solution. I am at the moment considering the shuffling of SL and if maybe it be best to just give up all premium and look to renting there.

Thank you for your kind words my friend.

NA said...

Sad news indeed Amar. I was sad to leave my lands in SL and like yourself no one was buying so I had to abandon it all.

It was sad, spent 3 years building a beautiful paradise with heavy natural traffic, with little or no advertisement my place was always packed with visitors.

InWorldz more affordable premise was the key factor of my move but I do miss the busy buzz of people who came to visit my place in SL and have chats with me.

NA said...

Above post is mine Bradd Laval.

Amaranthim said...

Thank you Horned One. Yes as much as I love our new world I do miss the bustle of people. IW is such a wonderful place but sadly so empty still.

With time -

Anonymous said...

It's always sad to hear people are leaving especially those that have become dear friends. *hugs*
I hope you'll keep Animated Spirits, it's such a lovely sim!