Saturday, October 1, 2011

Franky Is coming to Town!

Continuing our Halloween mood:

The Animation Station is your one-stop shop for your animation needs. We are featuring some scary thises and thatses this month - impalings, death in various forms - all for your ghoulish pleasure.

Today- a new release - Frankenstein's Monster - or as he is known among friends, Franky

Franky comes both Full Perm and Copy Mod
Perfect for Halloween parties or a Monstrous AO!
More ghoulies coming soon!

Visit animation Station and the beautiful sim of Animated Spirits- when you are tired of shopping, explore the beautiful vistas- bring a loved one and dance and explore all the hidden wonders.

Animation Station is located :


Anonymous said...

Amar...Amar...Amar, wow you're so super talented.

Not only do you make beautiful stuff but you do animations too and you also teach how *woot*.

When I need an animation or pose, I now know who's door to knock.

You're my animator XD

Amaranthim said...

Awwww /me blushes! Thank you, Horned One :)