Thursday, August 7, 2008


Today I am visiting stores from the other designers and content creators now posting on the Sales and Marketing Thread in the SLForum:

So far I have visited Etcetera Furniture Accessories and Rose Encrusted Fantasy.

Etcetera located at: [url][/url]
is owned by MickeyVandeverre. It is a hypercool and super modern locations with vibrant colors - the prim load isn't heavy and the prices are awesome. The store has great presentation - There is good flow to the store and it was easy to navigate. Good feel to the place- slick, and great selections.

Rose Encrusted Fantasy: [url][/url]

Rhianna Larkham is the proprietress of Rose Encrusted Fantasy. The location is very clean and modern with glitzy brushed metal highlights. It is an effective showcase for her attractive modern styles- The store and the clothes are a perfect match - I liked the Monkey Mall store too though it was very low key and I did not find it easily. For the Monkey Mall store, I would ask if there was some signage options that could be set downstairs- directing prospective customers to her locale.

Next I looked at Imnotgoing Sideways - Darkly Cute: [url][/url]

The store is absolutely adorable! Like a teapot or a ceramic container- the whole mall had such a sweet and wholesome appearance makes one wonder where the darkness comes in :)
I loved the little glasses and the poses on the wall were well displayed. The merchandise is definitely niche- market though. As such I wold try to get in some place that features similar if only for recognition- the glasses would be very at home in Caledon, I think- Also, it looks a tad sparse - a little unfinished. Perhaps more merchandise inside would complete the look and I would like to see something additional on the outside that draws attention. Overall, a welcoming place but to keep the buyer needs a little more punch through merchandising - the marketing we're working on-

Next I went to Kesseret Steeplechase's Kess Kreations:

I love the location- it was like strolling thru some elegant boutique area and encountering her store. Inside is a little barren which can detract from the merchandise since it looks unfinished in places. But Kes explained she is having a decorator come in and was, in fact adding some decorative touches when I arrived.

I found the displays easy to negotiate - easy rez, of a good size and informative. I would have liked to have seen some rezzed items, but I realize, prim count is a concern as it is for many of us.

In conclusion, Kes' store is inviting- it uses a minimalist appeal to get its understated elegance across to the shopper. I would add a little in the way of decor for impact- I think the store will look wonderful when complete. The colors were restful and understated. I have become a fan of LM givers- not the in your face sort- but the ones that are there and you choose to take or not- I think Kes should add an LM giver.

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