Thursday, August 7, 2008

Marketing in SecondLife (TM)

Having my ladies fashions concern I am now exploring and learning re marketing techniques and what works best for SecondLife (TM).

Maybe if I blog a few of these ideas it will inspire others on their quest. So here is what I have done so far. I created this blog and made it public access in hope others searching for SecondLife (TM) information will discover it and it will garner me more exposure. I put up a video of my catalogue in Youtube -

Using the Classifieds in SecondLife (TM) I first searched other designers to see what search words were working for them. Then, the ones that also fit my own offerings, I used in my adv- no use putting in "low-prim" when I sell clothes- not furniture! Then, as to how much I was willing to pay for my advert- I decided to start with just my weekly stipend of $300 L's - it is not an expense that way and it put me fairly high in the search. Of course, I intend to revisit this as my fortunes ebb and flow ;)

I am currently proposing a sort of SL Small Business Coalition- or Networking group where we the small designers and content creators may be able to contribute to each other's livelihood through support of each others' ventures and creative suggestions that may lead to increased exposure and sales for all.

Well- let's see how it goes ... Crossing various appendages as we speak.

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