Saturday, August 9, 2008

First meeting with the new Advertising and Marketing Networkers Consortium in SecondLife

The Distilled Results of the Meeting

Size of the advert boxes- they may look adequate, but get other opinions- in this case, bigger is better

Keep in mind the skin and hair of the model avie- light hair and and light skin work best against a dark background

Minimalism – less is more. Simplify to keep attention on the merchandise not the model

Marketing for what sells as opposed to just what appeals to you in order to increase sales

Have the destination TP close to our door or storefront

Look at Freestyle, FabFree and Free Dove as possible outlets that might garner attention.

Briefly talked of Youtube videos – Microsoft’s Windows Movie Maker- a free program- was mentioned as an easy tool for producing a vid from stills.

PrimPerfect was mentioned as an advertising option for furniture and d├ęcor oriented people: [slurl][/slurl]

Goodwill advertising- Jojo that mentioned how she does free custom work to encourage future sales for hopefully repeat customers.

Freebies to friends and good customers – hoping that when they wear it or show it- they will get the, “Oh where did you get that?” comment.

Free stuff to your group- make them come to your store to get it rather than deliver as an attachment- makes them look at what u offer.

Free to group members only- script to generate group only access

Offer a Teach Me option- generates good will and name recognition- if tied into big group like Etopia, benefit of already created group

Set your Freebies for sale- at Zero- this ensures you have a list of peeps who took the item- then u can approach them again for group membership or other. Thank yous very big on this- send them a thank you note with your LM and a group invite.

Other options- Cart Rentals- Free Yard Sale Adverts

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