Sunday, November 2, 2008

~Cheap Peeps~

New group for Designers and Consumers alike! Cheap Peeps will bring you info on where the bargains are. A group dedicated to bringing high-quality yet affordable merchandise to SL Residents. Designer Members are encouraged to post their offerings keeping in mind that all items should be in the 100 Linden range- plus or minus a bit. Consumers will benefit by having great goods at an accessible price.

Please join ~Cheap Peeps~ today! Designers, contact me, Amaranthim Talon, or Group Owner Chamois Chama for your Designer tag so you can send notices out. Right now there is no limit on notices but please remember, you overwhelm folks with notices and they will defect so keep it down to no more than two per week for now. Tell all your store group members and all your friends.

Consumers- please join ~Cheap Peeps~ for all the great bargains you will get and don't forget to tell your friends you saw it first on ~Cheap Peeps~!

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