Friday, November 21, 2008

News From Talon Faire

So Fans of Talon Faire... by now you are caught up in the latest releases, have picked up your free logo T and are busy covering SL in a sea awash in TF organza pink... No? Well get busy! Think Pink as the Pink Panther says! We are 314 members strong today Fans of TF so I am busy in my workshop crafting a neato Group Only Gift to reward the Faithful Fans :D

Kidding aside, thank you all for your kind support of my little dream. Let you know when it is ready.

On another heady side note, Talon Faire has been reviewed in the pages of Here is the link:

I do wish Natalie had shown the pic with the overskirt - See Above - but some do prefer a more casual look. Thank you Natalie for stopping by and your kind words.

Want to point you guys also to StyleFlash and ask you to please vote for my latest release there, Starlight, Star Bright. TIA Fans :)

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