Monday, November 24, 2008

My First Totally Prim Blouse!

I so loved the Starlight Star Bright Ensemble that I have been wearing mine a lot! (With out the veil!) But looking for a more casual flair- I did this top:

I included the Star Light Pants and the Starred Arm Bands in the box PLUS the TF Logo-T.

Hope you will stop by and pick up a set.

I also have an ongoing contest- in the group notices I sent out yesterday I included a Titler that proclaims your gown is from Talon Faire- ask me for LM. Group members that chose to wear theirs can claim a free outfit of their choice plus be entered to win a Specially Designed Gown! To enter, wear the Title, go to a crowded venue such as a club and send me Notecard with a picture of you showing the Titler in it :). winner gets a self-inspired gown! Hurry- the response has been huge!

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