Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gearz & Wingz - Talon Faire Gotz 'Em!

Newly released today in honor of our newest location!

Talon Faire now has a new location at the marvelous Isla Draconia! We shall be featuring a revolving collection of vaguely magical or even slightly fabled creations. Right now you can find our mermaid collection, a small assortment of eyelashes, some newer medieval pieces including a long bow with quiver and arrows and an exclusively released jewel adorned flexi tail that matches Chained Heat Horns!

Showcased there is this newest addition to Talon Faire - delicately hued and sepia toned, these graceful wings will adorn you and proclaim your allegiance to that future history that never was.

Accented in exclusive sculpted prims and tiny whirring gears, a completely original wing texture, these wings will be the focus in any venue!

Packed with and with out the additional sculpts for your preference.

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