Saturday, June 25, 2011

Talon Faire is Branching Out!

I have been fiddling with poses and animations a bit now and at the urgings and prodding of my dear friend Moon Satoshi I have decided to branch out official - so - without further ado, Talon Faire presents - The Animation Station!

First then we have two offerings~

Needful in every lady's boudoir, a Hair Brushing animation. She shakes her head a bit and runs one hand through it as the hair brush smooths her silken locks.

Next - Adored -
Feel the unspoken passion in this Couple Pose. His arm rest protectively across her shoulders and his hand caresses her back and hair. She rest reassured of her place in his world.

Both of these poses are available for Consumers (C/M no Trans) and for Builders (Full Perm).

And finally, a little fun splashy thing for you to play with - try on the side of a pool or lake. Available also for Consumers or Builders.


Bradd Laval said...

I needz animation. Especially for some machinima Imma shoot prob later this year...

I need pose/animations for like some emotional scenes. Oh can you make like couple animation, I want one where I can put a certain fae on my shoulder and walk around and I want one where she can have a piggy back and I want one like where I can just walk around and carry her and I want..I want..I want..

Bradd Laval said...

Oh just remembered, I need to visit the animation shop on ur sim ~ erotic motions *coughs*. Me and a certain fae we are looking for some 'innocent' stuff....

Amaranthim said...

:) The carry thing I believe, but don't quote me, however am 99% sure is a vehicle thing and as such one you wd need physics for. You can't make an avatar sit on but if he wears an item and she sits on it.. but I do think it needs physix - wd need to ask one of those magic people- Scriptors!

And re Erotic Motions - Marcel has a huge amount of "innocent" animations (you may need to redefine the word). Then again, Heinlein wrote the only real sin lies in purposefully harming someone (to paraphrase), so perhaps all his animations are as pure as the driven snow..